Tubbed to Death now available!

Tubbed to Death cover


My latest novel, Tubbed to Death, the 2nd in the Horse Sense Mysteries is now available as an ebook on Amazon!

Here’s an excerpt:

“Hey, let’s find out if your swipe card really works everywhere in the hotel. We can go in the spa and have a private hot tub.” I stopped in front of Grant, wrapped my arms around his waist, and gave him a kiss. I guess those two Irish creams were making me more lovey dovey than usual. “There’s no one around to disturb us. We can finish what we started earlier.”

Grant grinned at me. I could see he was considering it. I stood on tip toe and gave him another kiss. “Come on, it’ll be fun.”

“Okay, let’s do it. Oh, what about the dog? We’ll have to take her upstairs.”

“No, just bring her in the room with us. We’ll tell her not to watch.”

He laughed and took my hand. We walked past the deserted outdoor pools. What’s with the hotel guests? No one wants a midnight dip. What a bunch of old fuddy duddies. We walked to the spa entrance and Grant held his swipe card against the reader. It beeped and turned green.

“So far, so good,” he said, and opened the door and pulled me and Judy inside. There were a couple of dim lights illuminating the interior of the spa, enough to show us the way to get around the corner and out of sight of anyone who might be walking past the door. No point in advertising that a break in was in progress. Though, was it really breaking in when you’re one of the hotel owners and have an access card reader in your possession? We giggled quietly at the silliness of the situation and at Judy’s toenails clicking against the tiled floors.

Grant opened the door to the first massage room and flicked on the light. “No good,” he said. “There’s no hot tub in here.”

Same story with the next two rooms.

“Maybe the only private hot tub is in the couple’s room,” I said.

“Yeah, let’s give that a try,” said Grant, and bypassed the next couple of rooms to open the door of the room where we’d had our massage. He flicked on the light, walked into the room, and then suddenly stopped. I bumped into him.

“Ouch,” I protested.

“Oh my God,” he whispered. He held up his arms to prevent me from coming further into the room. I saw around him anyway.

There was a man floating face down in the hot tub.