Not much of a Blogger

I’ve come to admit that I’m just not much of a blogger. I thought that might be a good topic to blog about.

I originally started this blog for another reason and I just never had much to say and ended up relocating it after one of my publishers strongly  suggested that authors should have a blog with their name in the title and keep it updated with writing news, so I had to shanghai this back from the original topic.

I’ve written a few posts but its really not my thing.

I also write a blog about the town I grew up in, but mostly its ended up being updates at what’s playing at our local theatre. I don’t even update that any more, especially since another company has purchased the building and movies are coming to an end – soon! I’ve always gone in spurts in that blog. I might go months without writing. Kind of like this blog here!

I think the problem for me is that I’m a paid writer. Writing something and not getting paid for it seems counterproductive to me. I’m a busy person. If I’m going to write something I want to be paid for my time. Occasionally I guest blog but when I do I’m promoting one of my books and hope to make sales. That’s a little different.

I have a couple of blogger friends who have small groups of people writing on topics that I keep updated with. They’ve all asked me to write posts for their blogs but its just not my thing, especially since its an unpaid writing gig. Though I do struggle with the whole “giving back” thing. One blog I did write a post a couple of years back but it meant writing under the blog’s name not my own name which meant I wasn’t getting any publicity for my own promotion, but it was a response to something that I felt strongly enough at the time to whip out a few paragraphs. This blog is a good cause. Good enough that I assist in other ways. I manage the blog, manage the gadgets, keep it organized, and upload posts 2 or 3 times a week. I used to help out more with moderating comments but it took too much of my time and I ended up taking a break from them for a few months awhile ago before coming back, but I no longer moderate comments because that was too time consuming and distracting for me. What I do now doesn’t take a lot of my time and I feel good that I’m able to contribute in a small way. Same with another blog that I keep on top of. Although I don’t choose to help contribute with writing, I have offered up suggestions and assistance and occasionally help out with their blog management too.

What’s 20 minutes of my time each week? And maybe not even that much between the 2.

I do enjoy reading what others have to say.

I like reading. I read at least one book a week. And that’s with my busy life and everything else I have going on.

I might not be much of a blogger but I am a reader.

Stay tuned. Maybe I’ll pop out another post before the end of 2014.

Maybe not.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and finds some good beach reads!




Welcome to The Romance Reviews Year End Splash Party Players!

TRR 2013 year end splash party

Hello to all the readers playing today’s questions at the Romance Reviews Year End Splash Party!

Yes, you are in the right place to answer this burning question:


In Ringer, what is the name of the racehorse Holly is leading out of the barn?

a. Mark Missile

b. Fan Tan Alley

c. Meadow Prancer

d. Et Vous Pret


I will tell you the answer right here in this post you’re reading. Yay! You’ve landed in the right place! But first I thought you’d enjoy reading my little rant. If you don’t want to keep reading, the excerpt to Ringer holding the answer can be found at this link.

Have you been playing along for a few years with The Romance Reviews parties? I have and I want to rant about what sometimes happens to me when I click on the “hint” link where the author claims the answer can be found. There will probably be at least 2 or 3 questions and some days there’ll be more bogus questions. I’m sure many of you will sympathize.

Don’t you just hate it when you click on that link for the hint and you go to a dead URL?

How about when you click on that link and there is nothing on the page that answers the question? It might be a landing page or it might be something else, maybe even an excerpt to the book, but the answer is nowhere to be found. Why did the author give us the wrong link?

How about when you click on that link and there are three chapters to read? Come on people. An excerpt to your novel shouldn’t be more than 500 words.

What about when you land at a page and the answer is nowhere to be found but you don’t give up easy and start clicking all the links on the author’s webpage only to come up empty? What a waste of time.

What about the author that poses a question like who is Heather’s ex-boyfriend. You go to the link to read the hint and it turns out Heather dated the entire football team and every one of them is mentioned in the excerpt, plus these names all show up in the multiple choice.

How about when the author says which of these authors did not collaborate on the novel? Then each possible answer has 5 or 6 author names, switched around slightly on each possible answer.

What about when the question says “Which activities did Luke play when he was younger?” a. Soccer  b. Football  c. Tennis  d. all of the above. In the excerpt we read that Luke played football and tennis but there’s no mention of soccer so we can’t choose “all of the above”. That leaves 2 possible correct answers and whichever one the player chooses is probably going to be wrong because ultimately its going to end up being “all of the above”.

Who just gets ticked off when they can’t find the answer on the page where the hint should be and chooses “c” for their answer? The most common choice is “c” on multiple choice questions. We all learned that in school.

And this is one of my personal favorites so I took a screen shot of it:

Romance Reviews wrong answer

Does everyone see what is going on with the above? Name Janet’s ex-boyfriend and the author very kindly gives a hint that his name starts with “A”. Thanks. Don’t even have to click a link and read anything, just scroll through the 4 names to see who starts with A. That would be Alex. So I choose d – Alex. Wrong? What! How can that be? The Romance Reviews informs me the correct answer is a: James. Really? That name starts with a J. I read the hint again. “His name starts with an A!” How could I possibly get that answer wrong. The other 3 names start with the letters J, M, and P.

The instructions the author receives from The Romance Reviews is to provide a link where the answer can be found. The author is also instructed that the choices should have one correct answer and the other 3 should be very obviously wrong. To me that means don’t confuse the player by throwing in a bunch of names that are in the excerpt as part of the answers.

Who’s had it with trick questions? What’s going on here? Does the author get brownie points when they fool a reader into choosing the incorrect answer? A special prize from The Romance Reviews for tricking Splash Party players?

No. I can tell you that The Romance Reviews does not supply authors with a list of how many players answered the question correctly or the breakdown of how many players chose a,b,c, or d. Nor any way-to-go prize for tricking players into choosing the wrong answer.

The Splash Party is supposed to be fun. Make it easy on the players. What happens when the author tricks a player or makes them jump through hoops or make an incorrect guess. Does the author think that’s going to make the reader love them? Win over a new fan? Nope. When the author tricks the player or provides a bogus link so the player makes an incorrect guess and doesn’t earn any game points, that only alienates potential readers and the author loses a sale. I know who I’m not going to buy a book from. Why go out of your way to piss off a potential reader and buyer of your books?

If you liked reading this and have been tricked by those bogus links, how about taking a few minutes to check out my author page on Amazon. I have three romance novels and two novels in a cozy mystery series that have some romance. You can read the first chapters of all my books on Amazon’s preview. I hope you’ll like one of them enough to give it a try!

I’ll give a quick plug to my latest novel, The Movie Star’s Son, available on Kindle for .99¢. It’s a sweet romance, 55,000 words, about a runaway girlfriend.

Back to the Year End Splash Party. In my novel Ringer the horse that Holly is leading out of the barn is named Meadow Prancer.

The 3 other horses taking part in the multiple choice question are real life Standardbred racehorses I’ve owned over the years.

Thanks for playing The Romance Reviews Year End Splash Party and good luck!


The Romance Reviews Year End Splash Party 2013

TRR 2013 year end splash party

The Romance Reviews is holding their year end Splash Party from November 1 to 30, 2013. It’s free to sign up and play

There are hundreds of romance books available to be won – winners every week! Plus there will be a grand prize and several runner up prizes that are usually Amazon gift cards or gift cards to book publishers. Answer different daily questions based on the author’s novel and hints will be given for chances to win. My novel Ringer will be one of the giveaways.

Good luck!

Release Day for Horseman Spell!

My romance novel Horseman Spell is available today!

Your pace or mine?


The story takes place around Cloverdale where I grew up, but the settings are all fictional. We don’t have forests and hills with riding trails. And there are no hobby farms around town.


Pam never expected to be spending time at the racetrack again, but a romantic connection with Scott – her new next door neighbor and ex-boyfriend’s brother – throws her back into the exciting world or horseracing.

Dealing with trips to the racetrack, mysterious phone calls, unknown late night visitors, and an unexplained light appearing upon the hill, the tranquil farm life Pam loves has been turned upside down ever since Scott moved in.

If Pam’s life hadn’t already become chaotic enough, her relationship with Scott is threatened when his brother, Lyle, returns to town.



“Ladies,” greeted Bob. “Pam, I’d like you to meet Scott.”

Pam had put her hand out to shake the newcomer’s, but snapped it back to her side as if it had been burned. Scott wheeled to face her.

“You!” Pam backed up a step.

“You!” The accusation in his tone cut off and filled the room with an awkward silence.

They stood motionless glaring at each other.

“I, uh, take it you’ve already met.” Bob cleared his throat and twirled the beer bottle in his hands.

Scott set his bottle down on the fireplace mantel and Pam scurried to the front hall. She grabbed her coat from the closet and curled her fingers around the front door’s handle.

“Don’t leave on my account,” the sarcastic voice behind her mocked. “I’ll go.”

Looking over her shoulder, Pam saw Joanne and Bob frozen in the doorway of the living room. They looked dismayed, but she couldn’t deal with them now when they only thing on her mind was putting some distance between her and Scott. She gripped the doorknob tighter, turned it, and marched out of the house. Hearing Scott’s footsteps close behind, she quickened her pace, reached the car and fumbled for the keys.

“I want to talk to you.”

“Forget it. Nothing you have to say interests me.” Pam tugged her car door open and slid into the driver’s seat. Before she could slam the door, Scott maneuvered his body between the open door and the driver’s seat. He braced his hands on the roof of her car and used his body to prevent her from closing the door. Pam desperately fought not to notice his thigh muscles bulged against his blue jeans as he flexed against the door at her eye level.

“You need to hear this.” Scott slapped the roof of her car once.

Pam raised her eyes and his dark eyes stared back into hers. Frown lines wrinkled his forehead and he scowled at her. Pam swallowed, remembering how many times she’d seen that expression before.

“Leave me alone or I’ll scream so loud I’ll have every person within five miles running to help me.”

“When are you going to grow up?”

They glared at each other. Scott bent down, his mouth drawn into a hard, thin line, his face getting closer to Pam’s. She pulled the seatbelt out, clicked it into place, turned away to put the key in the ignition, and started the car. Scott backed away from the car, palms toward her as if he were trying to ward her off. Just before Pam slammed the door shut, she heard him say, “You can’t avoid me forever.”

Buy links: Musa Publishing Amazon US Amazon Canada Barnes & Noble
Horseman Spell is available through other online booksellers and on iTunes.