For about a year Dominique, the Director of Promotions at Musa Publishing, has been urging writers to have a blog devoted only to their writing. Urging writers to do other things to build their platform and create a social media presence.

I had this blog reserved under my name but had other plans for it. Then I realized I’m not much of a blogger and had nothing to say! I do write a blog about the small town where I grew up and still live – Cloverdale, BC. I don’t update it very much except for what is playing at the local theatre – The Clova. Occasionally I update with other things going on around town. I also have another blog where I write about my travels but I rarely update that one. I’ve been out of Canada three times in 2012, including two cruises, and so far I haven’t got around to blogging about any of this year’s travels. I also assist another blogger and manage their blog, uploading posts and occasionally moderating comments, but that only takes me a few minutes two or three times a week. Fortunately I don’t supply any of the content though for months I’ve been saying I’ll write a guest post for them but I just can’t seem to get around to it!

You got it. I’m a procrastinator. Not a good combination for a blogger. I don’t consider myself a blogger at all but I’m here to give it a try.

I write for general interest magazines which doesn’t give me much time for blogging or what I consider recreational writing such as a fiction novel. My writing niches are horses, dogs, and travel but I write on a variety of other subjects.

I have three horses – an Appaloosa, a Standardbred, and a Quarter Horse. If I’m not writing, I’m riding. I find spending time with my horses a great way to relax and help me come up with writing ideas or a better way of writing something.

I have two dogs. I’ve had my Border Collie cross for a couple of years and in October 2012 another dog found her way inside my home.

I’m also an avid reader. I like reading cozy mysteries and have many favorite writers in that genre. I like reading different mystery genres, but I also read romance, horror, and travel literature.

I’m figuring out how to use the tool on this blog. Check back from time to time for new content.


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