Not much of a Blogger

I’ve come to admit that I’m just not much of a blogger. I thought that might be a good topic to blog about.

I originally started this blog for another reason and I just never had much to say and ended up relocating it after one of my publishers strongly  suggested that authors should have a blog with their name in the title and keep it updated with writing news, so I had to shanghai this back from the original topic.

I’ve written a few posts but its really not my thing.

I also write a blog about the town I grew up in, but mostly its ended up being updates at what’s playing at our local theatre. I don’t even update that any more, especially since another company has purchased the building and movies are coming to an end – soon! I’ve always gone in spurts in that blog. I might go months without writing. Kind of like this blog here!

I think the problem for me is that I’m a paid writer. Writing something and not getting paid for it seems counterproductive to me. I’m a busy person. If I’m going to write something I want to be paid for my time. Occasionally I guest blog but when I do I’m promoting one of my books and hope to make sales. That’s a little different.

I have a couple of blogger friends who have small groups of people writing on topics that I keep updated with. They’ve all asked me to write posts for their blogs but its just not my thing, especially since its an unpaid writing gig. Though I do struggle with the whole “giving back” thing. One blog I did write a post a couple of years back but it meant writing under the blog’s name not my own name which meant I wasn’t getting any publicity for my own promotion, but it was a response to something that I felt strongly enough at the time to whip out a few paragraphs. This blog is a good cause. Good enough that I assist in other ways. I manage the blog, manage the gadgets, keep it organized, and upload posts 2 or 3 times a week. I used to help out more with moderating comments but it took too much of my time and I ended up taking a break from them for a few months awhile ago before coming back, but I no longer moderate comments because that was too time consuming and distracting for me. What I do now doesn’t take a lot of my time and I feel good that I’m able to contribute in a small way. Same with another blog that I keep on top of. Although I don’t choose to help contribute with writing, I have offered up suggestions and assistance and occasionally help out with their blog management too.

What’s 20 minutes of my time each week? And maybe not even that much between the 2.

I do enjoy reading what others have to say.

I like reading. I read at least one book a week. And that’s with my busy life and everything else I have going on.

I might not be much of a blogger but I am a reader.

Stay tuned. Maybe I’ll pop out another post before the end of 2014.

Maybe not.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and finds some good beach reads!