Un-Neigh-Borly Behavior Free on Amazon Kindle July 19 – 21, 2013

Cover Un-Neigh-Borly Behavior trail photo

My novel – Un-Neigh-Borly Behavior, the first book in the Horse Sense Mysteries, is free on Amazon Kindle July 19 – 21. This is a women’s mystery.


Racing Standardbred horses is usually all the excitement DeeDee Logan needs in her life, until suddenly she’s dealing with an amorous polo player, jealous twin sisters, a lovelorn horse groom, and a racetrack derelict intent on medicating her horse.

Trying to get away from the recent craziness in her life, DeeDee saddles up her horse for a relaxing ride through the woods, but murder gallops after her when the horse leads her to the polo player, Miguel, dead on the trail.

When fingers start pointing to DeeDee as a suspect, she and her husband Grant discover some of those accusers had motives for eliminating Miguel. To avoid becoming next on the hit list, Grant and DeeDee must use good old horse sense to find out what happened to Miguel and race to stop a killer.

Warning: adult content. There are suggestive scenes but no graphic sex. Adult language.

Freebie offered to celebrate upcoming release of Book 2 in the Horse Sense Mysteries, Tubbed to Death, which will be available July 26. If you have a Kindle, or an iPad, etc with the Kindle app, now’s the time to enjoy a free horse-themed mystery. Act fast. On Sunday night at midnight it goes back to $2.99. Still a great deal!




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